Good Hope Wells

Our program's mission is to provide clean and drinkable water to as many communities as we can in East, West and North Africa.

Founded in May 2013, we have funded the digging of five wells in Africa which provide clean water for many villages, crops and livestock. The average cost of a well can exceed $25,000 but one well can save hundreds of lives and change the lives of thousands of people.

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Good Hope Wells Projects

Our major way we raise funds is our Annual Running and Walking Well 5K which has taken place for the last four years every Spring on the North Shore of Boston. In the future we hope to apply for grants so additional wells can be funded.

Upcoming: Running and Walking Well 5K

Stay tuned: Fundraiser scheduled for June 11th 2022.









  • 2013Well dug in Moi's Bridge, Kenya

  • 2014Well dug in Laela, Tanzania

  • 2016Wells dug in Ada, Shai Hill & Tamale, Ghana

  • 2019Securing funding & grant for well in Molo, Kenya,

  • 2019Well dug in Morocco

  • 2020-2021Wells Postponed COVID-19

  • June 11th 2022Running and Walking Well 5K Scheduled

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