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Welcome to Good Hope, Inc., where compassion meets action. Founded in 2006 by a passionate group of community volunteers, our singular goal has always been to extend a helping hand to those in need. At the onset of 2024, we reflect on a transformative year filled with significant milestones and community-driven initiatives. As a non-profit organization committed to making a positive impact, we are excited to share our plans that will carry our mission forward throughout the year. Join us on this continuing journey of compassion, unity, and positive change.

Our Food Pantry Year In Review

Together On The North Shore Of MA



Monthly average pets received kibble


In 2023, Good Hope, Inc.'s Food Pantry emerged as a beacon of hope for our North Shore community. As we navigated the challenges of the year, we stood strong in our commitment to combat food insecurity. Serving a staggering 19,994 individuals, with an average of 1,667 people each month, our dedicated team of volunteers worked tirelessly, providing groceries to those facing difficulties in Lynnfield, MA and its neighboring areas. Each distribution, occurring twice a month, resonated with the spirit of giving, ensuring that an average of 233 families had access to essential food items, an increase of 11.08% from 2022.

Also in 2023, we introduced the addition of kibble to support pet owners accessing our food pantry, extending assistance to furry companions in need. Approximately 70 pets, including dogs and cats, received food twice a month through this initiative.



From Last Year

Thanksgiving Outreach - Sharing the Spirit of Gratitude (Nov 16, 2023)

People Reached: 1,465

Breakdown: 397 Families, 713 Adults, 523 Children, 224 Seniors

The Good Hope family extended its arms to 1,465 individuals, ensuring they not only received groceries but also a gift card for a warm Thanksgiving celebration. This event reaffirmed the spirit of sharing, caring, and making a difference in the lives of others.

Clean Water Initiatives in Kenya - A Lifesaving Start

1.Well Construction at Kapsisywa

 Good Hope, Inc. initiated a groundbreaking project with the construction of a new well for the community surrounding Kapsisywa High School in Nandi County, Kenya. This impactful initiative is poised to benefit not only the students and staff at Kapsisywa High School but also reach four other schools, ten churches, two government offices, an elder center, and the surrounding villages.

2.Kenya Run For Clean Water

 In July 2023, Good Hope, Inc. took part in the Nairobi City Marathon, where five dedicated runners passionately ran for the cause of clean water in Kenya. While the team didn't secure awards, the experience was profound, and the cause resonated deeply with all those who supported along the way.

3.Kenya Run 5K at Kapsisywa High School

 June 2023 witnessed a spirited event supporting clean water access in Africa. Participants from eight elementary schools united for a friendly competition, fostering an atmosphere filled with energy and teamwork.

4.Leighton O'Connor's Inspirational Trip

 In April 2023, Leighton O'Connor, Good Hope Inc., board member and CEO of Mission for Hope, Inc., embarked on a journey to visit various wells built over the years by Good Hope, including the future well at Kapsisywa and the Sarepta Rescue Center. This trip underscored the enduring impact and sustainability of Good Hope's clean water projects.

Volunteers Impact

Partnership with Sarepta Rescue Center - Empowering Lives

"Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures": In June 2023, Good Hope, Inc. proudly announced its collaboration with Sarepta Rescue Center, a beacon of hope for 40 orphaned and street children in Zimmerman, Nairobi, Kenya. Established in 2018 by Zipporah Njogu, Sarepta provides a safe haven for vulnerable children. Together, they committed to providing care, quality education, healthcare, and essential life skills to empower these remarkable children.

Good Hope Sunday - A Day of Unity and Commitment

First-ever Good Hope Sunday (Nov 5, 2023): Calvary Christian Church became a center of inspiration as diverse individuals connected with the passionate leaders of Good Hope Inc. Approximately 140 individuals committed themselves to volunteering, marking the commencement of numerous journeys eager to transform our communities.

Strengthening the Homeless and Prison Ministries

Homeless Care Program: Good Hope’s Homeless Care Team provided nourishing meals on a rotational basis to five local shelters throughout the year in Gloucester, Lynn, Beverly, Salem, and Revere. Nourishing meals are provided to 400 individuals per month.

Prison Ministry: Good Hope’s prison outreach team provides support to inmates through weekly visitations, contributing to their well-being and fostering a sense of connection. Local prisons include Middleton House of Correction, Lawrence Community Correction Center, and Essex County MA Women in Transition County Jail.

Volunteer Empowerment - Strengthening Bonds and Building Futures

Ana and Brad Tripp's Visit to Sarepta Rescue Center (October 2023): Ana and Brad, part of the Good Hope USA Team, visited the children’s home for a week to build stronger bonds with both the children and caretakers of this ministry. Their contributions ranged from playful interactions with children, to assisting in the kitchen, showcasing not only their passion for direct impact but also their vital role in fundraising for Sarepta in the US.



2024: A Vision for Continued Impact


Good Hope Green 5K - April 6, 2024, at Covenant Christian Academy in Peabody

Mark your calendars for Good Hope Green 5K, scheduled for April 6, 2024, at Covenant Christian Academy in Peabody, MA. Proceeds from the event will be directed toward the construction of wells in Africa, continuing the organization's commitment to providing clean water access.


Continued Service in the North Shore - Food Pantry, Homeless Care Program, and Prison Ministry

Good Hope, Inc. remains dedicated to serving the North Shore community to combat food insecurity through both our food pantry and homeless care programs.  Both programs serve hundreds of individuals, children, and senior citizens each month, providing food items to bridge a gap during a time when our food costs, gas, and other basic essentials are at an all-time high. 

Likewise, those in our prison outreach will continue to reach out weekly to inmates in our local correctional facilities and their families. Good Hope often is a beacon of hope to those who have nowhere else to turn.

On behalf of the Board, Staff, and dedicated volunteers of Good Hope, Inc., we extend our sincere appreciation for your support. Together, we've achieved impactful milestones in 2023, making a positive difference in the lives of thousands. As we invite you to continue this journey of compassion, unity, and positive change, your contributions not only sustain communities locally but also bring the gift of access to clean water abroad, and supporting orphaned children. Thank you for being a crucial part of this transformative mission.

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