Eliud Kipchoge Foundation and Good Hope, Inc Join Hands

Kenya Run 4 H2O

Join Good Hope, Inc And The Olympic Champion Digging Wells In Africa

Good Hope and Eliud Kipchoge Foundation have created a partnership to give back to the Kenya Communities through digging wells in schools and churches.

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Fundraising Goal


Personal Fundraising


Team of 4 Fundraising goal

May 2023

Race in Kenya


Partner With The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Champion In Kenya

Meet with Eliud Kipchoge, and participate in a 5k, 10K, Half, or Full Marathon in Kenya in 2023 - while fundraising for a great cause.

All participants will be able to meet with Eliud Kipchoge the current Olympic Champion and the Legend who is the only human to run an unofficial marathon in less than 2hrs.

You will be racing  a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a full marathon in Nairobi City Marathon, Kenya May 7th 2023.

You are encouraged to sign up for a lifetime opportunity to race in  Kenya the Mecca of Marathon as well give back by digging a well to provide clean water to a very needy community. You can participate as an individual or as a team.

As soon as you apply to participate, you will receive all the details in regard to this event once approved.


Fundraising Goal


Site of Well: Kapsisywa High School

Kapsisywa High School. This is where Eliud Kipchoge studied.

Kapsisywa High School. Team visiting site where well will be dug.

Patrick Sang, Eliud coach (middle) and Charles Rukwaro, Good Hope CEO (4th from the left).

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How can you join Eliud Kipchoge Foundation and Good Hope, Inc?

Find below all information on how can you join this lifetime event of racing in Kenya "The Mecca of Marathon" while giving back to a needy community.
1What is required to join this event?
1) Each participant will fill up the "intention to join the Kenya Run 4 H2O" form.
2) Once Good Hope, Inc receives the form and approves your participation, you will receive an email with details for the race and forms to fill up and sign. Only after you finish all requirements you will receive a fundraising link.
3) Each participant will need to fundraise and submit funds until 02/01/2023.
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2What is the fundraising requirement to join this event?
Fundraising Plans are as follows:
1) $ 2K Total To Be Submitted (Local Expenses and Airfare not included.
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3Is there any discount for Family or Teams?
Family/Teams of four will be required to raise the following:
$1,75K/each member for The Well Fund.
Local Expenses and Airfare Not Included.
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4What are the dates of the race?
Race will take place May 7th 2023. Plan for arrival May 5th and departure after race May 7th.
5Winners Cause Contribution
Every winner is required to contribute 15% of the net monetary value of their prize to dig a well in a needy community.
6Qualification Process
1) Meet the Fundraising Goal
2) Submit immunization records
3) Submit an international health and liability insurance
4) Fill and submit all the required online forms. Upon approval participants will be signed up for the Race.
5) An invitation email will be sent to the participant to enable them to apply for a Kenyan eVisa.
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7Participants Extra Bonus
Lunch with the Olympic Champion Eliud Kipchoge.
Take a picture with the Champion at the site of the completed Well.
Visit the Mecca of World Marathon Champions Training Camp in Eldoret.
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Meet Our Racers

Support one of these racers running in the Kenya Marathon May 7th 2023, while helping the host community dig wells and provide clean water to villagers, livestock, and farms. We are so excited to join Eliud Kipchoge the current Olympic Champion and the Legend who is the only human to run an unofficial marathon in less than 2hrs. Eliud is giving back to his community by digging a well in his former high school Kapsisywa High school. Through a partnership between Eliud Kipchoge Foundation and Good Hope, Inc these racers below will be running in the Kenya Race 2023 and also providing clean water to Kapsisiywa village in Nandi County. The well will serve a community of 2000 people. To make this happen, runners will be asked to support raising $2K or $7K for a team of four by 02/01/23.