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There are a few items that would make Leighton's journey a bit more comfortable and his outreach more effective in each city.  Below is a list of those items and links to the items on Leighton's Wish List on Amazon.

Smittybilt Tailgate Cargo Basket

Leighton would like to share stories about the homeless people he will be meeting on his journey. One of the ways he would like to share those stories is with a portable photography show of his images as canvas prints that he will have printed on various parts of his journey.  But Leighton has run out of room in his Jeep because it is only a two door and space is limited. So the solution would be to add a cargo basket on the tailgate above the spare tire.  In  the cargo basket would  be a large sealed weatherproof storage bin containing his canvas prints and telescoping easels.  Here is a link to the cargo basket on Amazon

Dometic 12V 50 Quart Refrigerator/Freezer

Leighton has a Coleman 50W 12V cooler which has not been tested in warmer climates yet.  The specifications state the cooler will reduce the interior temperature of the cooler by 30 degrees of the outside temperature.  This cooler may not be cold enough to keep perishables cold in the warmer climates.  A Dometic Refrigerator/Freezer would be more dependable in the warmer weather and it has a low battery auto shut off which his Coleman does not have.

KC Spot Lights

While traveling from city to city Leighton will be exploring some back country remote locations.  Extra lights, brackets and a switch pod would help him from getting lost in the dark.

Leighton's complete Amazon Wish List


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